What has happened to my registration for STARS 2020?

Your registration fees are being held in the STARS trust account. This account is and will always remain separate to the STARS operating account.

We are offering those who have already paid an opportunity to transfer their registration to STARS 2022. An email will be sent to all who have previously registered.

Am I able to have my 2020 fees refunded?

Yes, at any time. However if you do transfer the fees to use for registering for the 2022 conference, you will be subject to the 2022 Refund and Cancellation policy.

You are welcome to leave your money in trust and use it for the 2023 conference if you wish.

Can we share the one registration for STARS 2022?

As the STARS Conference 2022 is being delivered online only one login is allowed per IP address.

Can we change the name on the existing registration?

Yes – at any time. Please contact us to arrange.