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Theme: Program Management and Coordination

Partnerships and Participation:
Developing A University-Wide Transition Program

Maude Ashton & Peter Beilby,
Student Support Services
University of Melbourne

The Transition Program at the University of Melbourne was established in 1998 with the key objective of developing support programs which are university-wide, sustainable and cost-effective. Such a program presents universities with a series of challenges, including: providing a structure or framework within which current and prospective students, and university and secondary school staff, can participate and contribute; developing support programs which cater for the range of student backgrounds and cultures; working closely with faculties in the establishment of study groups and mentor and peer support programs; and overcoming the divides that have existed within and across the university and educational community. Much that has been learned from the experience so far can be usefully shared. The significant issues include: the importance of a strong research base; the difficulties of territoriality; communication, identifying and involving the key staff in the student's university life; and the effective evaluation of programs.

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