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Theme: Strategies and innovations in teaching and learning

TULIP (Tertiary Undergraduate Literacy Integration Program):
A project that focuses on the literacy development of tertiary students

Patricia Cartwright,
School of Education
Australian Catholic University (Aquinas Campus)

Lynne Noone,
School of Education
University of Ballarat

While expansion of tertiary places may have brought more students into the university, the greater diversity of student cultures and capabilities has resulted in the tertiary teaching context becoming increasingly problematic. Students' tertiary literacy development is of current concern nationally and internationally. We share this concern, and to this end, we are engaged in a CUTSD funded program, called TULIP (Tertiary Undergraduate Literacy Integration Program) which, as the name suggests, foregrounds the integration or embeddedness of tertiary literacy within content teaching. In this paper, we describe some of the activities, outcomes and benefits from TULIP

Full Paper in MS Word

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