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Theme: Support Systems and Programs

Student Involvement and Transition: A Role for Peer Tutoring?

Dr Val Clulow
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Economics
Monash University

This study is concerned with the detailed accounts of twenty-one students who participated in a peer tutoring program known as Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) In this approach, the development of students' study skills through weekly peer tutoring sessions, is built on particular subject curriculum, not separate from it. In this study the first-year subject selected was Statistics for Marketers. The approach is designed to assist students to succeed in "high risk subjects" through highly participative, voluntary attendance at the S.I. sessions. The central question to this study was how students' discussed their 'involvement' in their learning experience while participating in an S.I. group in their first-year, and the implications the approach has for engaging students during their transition from school to university.

Full Paper in MS Word

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