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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Transition to university - a holistic approach:
A case study of the Monash Transition Program

Tanya Kantanis
Faculty of Education, Monash University

This paper explores how the transition to university in one higher education institution has been conceptualised and programs to effect these concepts have been implemented. Monash University (Australia) is a large multi-campus institution with ten faculties. In 2000 commencing students numbered more than 11,000. The majority of students in first-year that attend the university are school-leavers. Although the Equivalent National Tertiary Entry Rank (ENTER) for many courses is high and students who gain entry to Monash University have experienced considerable success at secondary school, there are other pathways for entry which ultimately create a very diverse cohort in first-year. The nature of the first-year cohort as well as the way the university sees itself now and into the future has shaped the Monash Transition Program as a comprehensive approach to managing the first-year experience for all stakeholders.

Full Paper in MS Word

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