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Theme: Strategies and innovations in teaching and learning

Yärï 1 - sharing knowings:
Enhancing a culturally and socially responsive curriculum

Dr Catherine Manathunga
Teaching and Learning Development Unit
Teaching and Learning Support Services

Internationalising the curriculum has become a important issue within the university sector; an issue that attracts much rhetoric. But what does it mean for individual units or subjects and for individual academics? This paper is based on a recently conducted curriculum review of a first year Education core unit at QUT, which sought to enhance what was already a culturally and socially responsive curriculum. Specifically, the focus of the curriculum review was on responding more effectively to the needs of Indigenous, non-English speaking background, and female students. An equally important goal was to produce future teachers with high levels of intercultural understanding and skill.

1 'Y�r�' is the Turrbal word for 'speak', which was the closest translation available for sharing knowledge. The Turrbal clan lived around the Kelvin Grove area in Brisbane (where this unit is offered) prior to European invasion. Permission was granted from the Turrbal Association Incorporation to use this word.

Full Paper in MS Word

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