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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

An Assessment of the Academic and Social Integration as
Perceived by the Students in the University of Papua New Guinea

Muhammad Abdul Mannan
University of Papua New Guinea

This study determined the current and ideal levels of academic and social integration within the University of Papua New Guinea as perceived by the students. In order to reduce student attrition through developing an appropriate attrition policy and improving services, a comprehensive picture of the current and ideal academic and social integration climate in the University of Papua New Guinea was necessary. Previous attrition/retention research has not adequately described the varying degrees of group differences in the students' integration process. Using the Tinto model and research instruments that operationalised the model, an institutional academic and social integration assessment instrument was developed for measuring the perceived current and ideal integration climate. Respondent's perceived ideal ratings for 24 items representing five dimensions of academic and social integration were higher than for the current ratings. Significant differences were found between the current and ideal perceptions of student groups in respect of a) students' informal contact with faculty; b) faculty concern for students' development and teaching and c) extra curricular activities. Differences were found between the perceived ratings of student groups on the basis of year of studies. Implications for policy directives and discriminatory service delivery are discussed.

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