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Theme: Student Populations and Diversity

Space for Maori in Tertiary Institutions

Andrea Morrison
Maia - Maori Development Centre
UNITEC - Institute of Technology, Auckland

This paper explores space for Maori in western traditional tertiary educational institutions. In the context of a colonial history of education, Maori have been multiply marginalised and tertiary education has been a site of struggle for Maori in terms of participation as a people and as a knowledge base. In recent years, Maori have developed new initiatives for Maori in western tertiary education institutions and this development has been described as 'creating space for Maori'. This paper explores notions of space from the perspective of western material theories of space and western discourse of metaphorical space and it explores notions of space from Maori perspectives. Kaupapa Maori theory is considered as a theoretical space in education for Maori and as a model of practice. Waipapa marae at Auckland University is used as a case study. It is argued that space for Maori is necessary for Maori cultural frameworks to be affirmed within western traditional institutions.

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