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Theme: Student Populations and Diversity

Facilitating research writing in the new millennium

Lesley D. Riley, Foreign Language Core, Kanazawa Institute of Technology,
Kanazawa, Japan
Robyn L. Najar, Study Skills Center, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

While proficiency in academic writing is seen as a desirable graduate outcome in higher education, it has taken a secondary place to the teaching of subject/content information. Traditionally, academic writing, such as writing a research paper, has been a source of anxiety for students at all levels. Academic demands, unfamiliarity with the conventions of research writing, lack of writing experience in general, and levels of English proficiency are some contributing factors. The following paper presents an innovative curriculum framework designed to assist low-intermediate level EFL students at a technical university in Japan to become more successful learners. The paper presents a concurrent teaching design and a five-step manageable process for learners. It examines reasons why the new curriculum succeeded in facilitating a higher degree of student and teacher satisfaction and a greater number of successfully completed papers. Salient values of teaching and learning that emerged are also discussed.

Full Paper in MS Word

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