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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

'A Jump Start…'
A series of programs to assist entering students progress successfully
through their first year of study

Linda Thies, Student Services, Deakin University

This paper outlines a pilot project entitiled 'A Jump Start…', which has been the catalyst for a University-wide approach to development of programs aimed at increasing the success rate of first year students. 'A Jump Start…' was based on research highlighting a wide range of interrelated issues, which impact on students' ability to successfully navigate their way through the first year of study. A multi-disciplinary project team coordinated the Project, with broad representation from the student association and all faculties and divisions represented on a regional campus of Deakin University. The Project Team established three working parties: Transition/orientation, Teaching and Learning and Residential Life. Research undertaken indicates that the programs have had a positive effect on students' perception of their first year experience, and correspondingly students' academic results have improved. The Project is currently being used to inform a University-wide Deakin First Year Initiative.

Full Paper in MS Word

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