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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

The Introduction of an Integrated First Year Experience:
Some Lessons Learned

Rob Woodward
Head, Teaching and Learning Centre
Cape Technikon
South Africa

The objectives of this paper are firstly to describe the background to the introduction of an Integrated First Year Experience programme to address the academic needs of under-prepared students entering the institution. The paper further reports on a 1999 research investigation into the success of the programme. The methodology consisted of qualitative research using focus groups. Thirdly the paper describes the results of the investigation from the perspectives of staff and students. The findings reveal that while staff does not seem to be making extensive use of the programme, students identified the contents as essentially what they required, however their primary concern was improved teaching. Finally some suggestions are offered about why programmes of this nature are not always successful. The thrust of the argument is to suggest that the imperative for programmes of this sort should arise from demands for improved teaching.

Full Paper in MS Word

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