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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Making the Transition to University – An Evaluation of Academic Orientation

Judith Dickson, Dean of Students, Macquarie University
Kerri- Lee Krause, School of Education, Macquarie University
Sandie Rudman, Transition Program, Macquarie University

Research findings attest to the importance of supporting students’ transition to university in a range of ways, including academic integration into the university learning community. This paper reports on the implementation and evaluation of a university-wide Academic Orientation Program organised by the Macquarie Transition Program at Macquarie University, Sydney. Results indicate that, above all, students valued opportunities for student and staff interaction, particularly in their area of study. Students requested more information about academic expectations along with briefer sessions that allowed more time for questions. Students found the orientation valuable primarily because they became familiar with the university environment, met students in the same situation, and felt more confident. The study confirms the importance of social interaction within academic learning communities, and affirms the value of making academic expectations clear to students early in their experience.

Full Paper in MS Word

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