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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Development of a Science Transition Program 2000 - 2002

Karen Baker & Frank Barrington, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dawn Gleeson, Department of Genetics
Michelle Livett, School of Physics
David McFadyen, School of Chemistry
University of Melbourne

To address the issues of transition from secondary school to university the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne has established a Transition Program for students entering year one of a degree course administered by the Faculty. The program was designed to provide students who were new to university with a set of basic skills with which to tackle first-year science subjects and create links to other students and staff they would meet during their studies. Since the pilot of 2000 many modifications have been made to the program in the light of undergraduate, postgraduate and staff feedback. This paper will discuss the evolution of this program and the successful outcomes in its development.

Full Paper in MS Word

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