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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Same or different: Issues that affect mature age undergraduate students’ transition to university

Tanya Kantanis
Coordinator – Monash Transition Program
Monash University

To advance dialogue in transition, identification and explanation of key terminology using contextualised and precise descriptors is essential in establishing the parameters of discussion and producing information that enhances the understanding of diverse transition stakeholders and makes a meaningful contribution to this field of research.

The first-year, undergraduate experience has long been recognised as being problematic. Recently, many Australian institutions have attempted to address issues of transition to university, largely using a ‘one size fits all’ template. This approach neither recognises nor addresses the needs of sizeable, specific cohorts of students.

Although transition issues affect the first-year, undergraduate experience of all students, specific aspects of transition to university pertain only to mature age students. This paper seeks to produce a better understanding of the first-year, undergraduate experience of mature age students, particularly the ways in which it is simultaneously the same yet also different to the experience of school-leaver students.

Full Paper in MS Word

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