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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

An inclusive approach to transition in a research-led university

Margot Pearson, Pam Roberts, Clara O'Shea & Mandy Lupton
Centre for Educational Development & Academic Methods
Australian National University

The Australian National University has identified transition from school to university study as a significant issue for retention, and for enabling entering students to make the most of the rich opportunities and resources offered by a research-led university. The University's approach has been informed by the findings of a number of sources including a study of the 1999 commencing cohort and the Boyer Commission Report (1998). Issues identified as significant for the ANU included the need to provide social and academic support for entering students that was more inclusive; to connect student learning support more strongly to the academic program; and to develop students as independent learners by embedding inquiry learning skills in curriculum. This paper discusses two major initiatives designed to address these issues: inquiry-based learning curriculum development in first year and a peer mentoring program for all commencing students.

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