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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Transition experiences of students who are the first in their
immediate family to enrol in university

Dr June Slee
Course Convenor
Special Education
University of Western Sydney

This study sought to determine factors that facilitate transition to university. The sample comprised 125 first year male and female students ranging in age from 17 to 55 years, studying primary teacher education at a large metropolitan university in 2002.. Of that sample, 68% were the first in their immediate family to attend university. Findings suggest the type of support required by students who are the first in their family to enrol at university differs from that required by students who come from families with university experience. Students from families without university experience articulated that they experienced adjustment difficulties in several domains including family relationships, time management, understanding university expectations and creating conditions conducive to study in the home. It was concluded that transition could be made easier for students if information about the nature and requirements of university study was designed and delivered to their families prior to enrolment.

Full Paper in MS Word

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