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Theme: Transition and Adjustment

Ready or not? Results of an orientation week survey of education students

Dr Glenice Watson, Dr Greer Johnson, Dr Stephen Billet
Faculty of Education
Griffith University

Readiness to attend university is an increasing concern to university stakeholders interested in student retention, achievement and satisfaction. This paper outlines and discusses the results of a broad-band survey administered to 6 cohorts within the Education Faculty at one Australian university so as to gain a snapshot of the readiness (or not) factor of its first year population. The initial findings demonstrate that just prior to beginning their respective programs of study the students displayed elevated levels of enthusiasm that is not matched by levels of preparedness and knowledge about "doing" university. However, a key finding in line with previous studies of first year students, is that significant differences in individual histories and levels of engagement with university life are discernible from one program cohort to another.
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