Tuesday 4 July 2017
10:00am – 11:30am

Presented by:

Professor Sally Varnham
University of Technology Sydney

As a National Senior Teaching Fellow, Sally Varnham is pursuing an Australian national framework for student partnership in university decision making. Her inclusive collaborative approach involves all stakeholders – students, senior management and policy makers, student engagement staff and academics.  She has completed a series of workshops in main centres and the aim of this session is to continue the conversation focussing on the principles for student partnership identified in discussion and online input from these workshops.

The Fellowship builds on the momentum developed in the OLT Strategic Commissioned Priority Project: ‘Student Engagement in university decision making and governance” (2014-2016). This involved comparative international research, a national survey of student engagement in university decision-making within Australia, and development of a number of case studies of partnership processes here as many Australian universities take up the challenge to engage in student partnerships.   The project built a strong case for a sector-wide national collaboration which is being undertaken through this Fellowship.