Creating a culturally inclusive learning environment for Indigenous students through incorporation of Indigenous pedagogies in learning and teaching in HE

Universities are attempting to address inclusivity in various ways, such as incorporating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into the curriculum, or providing compulsory cultural competence training for staff. However, the practice of everyday teaching and learning is largely underpinned by western pedagogies which often marginalise Indigenous students. To foster a greater culturally inclusive and engaging environment for Indigenous students, it is important to look at ways in which Indigenous pedagogies can be incorporated into teaching and learning activities in HE. The discussion will aim at sharing examples of teaching/learning practices and strategies on how Indigenous pedagogies can scaffold development of academic skills and content in diverse disciplines, as well as for diverse cohorts of students.

Tuesday 10 July
12:50pm – 1:30pm
Marlborough Room 1


Maja Gelov
Language and Learning Adviser
Student Academic and Peer Support Services
Deakin University

Maja is an Academic Language and Learning Adviser at Deakin University and she has been supporting Indigenous students at the Institute of Koorie Education at Deakin for the past three and a half years. She has closely collaborated with Indigenous lecturers in embedding academic literacies in discipline content. Currently, she’s in the process of developing a teaching and learning framework based on Indigenous pedagogies which can be used as a guide or reference point for academics interested in incorporating Indigenous pedagogies into their teaching.