Are you wondering what you can do to maximise your chances of having your paper, abstract or poster accepted the first time? Or is writing for academic conferences new to you? The Student Success Journal Editors and experienced higher education researchers Professors Karen Nelson, Rachael Field and Ron Oliver and Journal Manager Tracy Creagh, will facilitate this workshop. Learn from them about how to enhance your Journal and Conference submissions. The workshop will engage you in activities focused on helping you to:

  • Frame your project in a fashion that facilitates the form of inquiry and research stance expected from academic papers;
  • Understand the submission, review and acceptance processes of STARS, Student Success and other journals;
  • Decode the criteria that are typically used to determine the suitability of journal and conference submissions and understand the conventions of scholarly writing;
  • Understand the definition of research and how this applies to the criteria for refereed papers;
  • Take account of conference and journal themes and descriptions to target your work;
  • Incorporate theoretical, empirical and practice-based literature to contextualise and support your work;
  • Describe and present your work in a coherent fashion following academic conventions;
  • Choose the most appropriate publication form for your work. For example, as a refereed paper, abstract or poster;
  • Be accepting of feedback and using it effectively to enhance your writing and your chances of being published.

Bring along your ideas for your next Journal or Conference submission and get advice from experts and peers on maximising your chance of a successful submission.

Presented by:

Student Success Journal: Editors
Professors Karen Nelson, Rachael Field and Ron Oliver and Journal Manager – Ms Tracy Creagh