Please find information below to help with your preparations for your presentation at the 2023 STARS Conference in conjunction with AMHHEC.

Session Presentations
Poster Presentations


The draft program for the 2023 Conference can be found here.
Please take note of your Session ID (eg: 01A, 07C, 11F).

Session Presentations

Submitting your Presentation

Presenters are asked to either :

  • bring their presentation with them on a UBS stick, or
  • upload your presentation prior to arrival.

Please make sure your file is saved as your Session ID (eg: 12B, 01A)

Speaker’s Preparation | Check-in Desk

A Speaker’s Preparation Desk will be available for Speakers needing to check in their presentation files. The desk will be staffed at the following times:

Tuesday 4 July :  7:30am – 3:00pm
Wednesday 5 July : 8:00am – 1:00pm

Presentation Upload

Before uploading your submission, please make sure the file is saved as your Session ID, and saved as either a .pptx or .ppt file.

Click here to Upload

If your browser is not compatible with the upload system please bring your presentation on a USB.

If you change your presentation and wish to upload a new version, just use the same file name as before and the system will replace your old submission.

Audio Visual Equipment

Each of the Session rooms will be equipped with the following:

  • Screen (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Projector
  • Presentation computer (running Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Remote presenters’ mouse
  • Sound System
  • Lectern
  • Computer audio
  • Wireless internet

Presentation Length

For a Good Practice Report the recommendation is:

  • Speaker(s) presentation: 20 (recommended) -25 mins (maximum)
  • Questions: 5 (minimum) – 10 (recommended)

For an Emerging Initiatives the recommendation is:

  •  Speaker(s) presentation time: 10 (recommended) -15 mins (maximum)
  • Audience participation & discussion: 15 (minimum) – 20 (recommended)

Poster Presentations

Poster abstracts and images will be printed in the conference handbook to allow delegates to identify posters of interest to them prior to the event. Posters will remain on display throughout the conference (Tuesday & Wednesday)

A dedicated poster session has been programmed for the extended morning tea break on Tuesday morning. We ask each presenter to stand besides the poster for the duration of the session.

Please include on your poster all contact details including name(s), organisation name, job title and email address(es). Bringing some extra business cards to leave at your poster is also a good idea.

Poster Installation

Poster boards will available from 7:30am, Tuesday 4 July in the Conference Foyer. Presenters are able to mount their presentations from this time. All posters must be in place by 9am on Tuesday 4 July.

Posters can be removed at the end of afternoon tea on Wednesday 5 July. Your poster must be removed by 4pm otherwise it will be discarded.

You can find your Poster Board number here.

General guidelines

  • Posters must be no greater than A0 (841mm wide x 1189 mm high) 
  • The overall poster board size is 2.4 (h) x 1.2 (w). One poster will be displayed on each side of the board. Feel free to use all the space how you see fit.
  • The panels provided as back drops will be velcro compatible. The organisers can provide the necessary velcro fixers.
  • You will be sharing the poster panel with one other poster so please stick to the maximum dimensions allowed.
  • Poster Presenters will need to print their poster presentation and bring it with them to the conference.

Suggestions for effective poster presentations

  •  An overall left to right presentation (rows), rather than a top-to-bottom (columns), facilitates smooth traffic flow past your poster.
  • All printing should be presented in at least 16 point font, preferably in bold and not all capitals.
  • The poster should be self-explanatory, so that you are free to answer questions and discuss the research with interested persons.