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First Year Experience 1995 Conference
'Travelling Through Transition



Accepted Papers

Below is a list of papers from the 1995 FYE Conference - Travelling Through Transition held in Brisbane. Papers are listed in alphabetic order by speakers surname.

Only papers submitted electronically and with the consent of authours are listed on this site.

All papers are copyright to the authour and to the conference organisers. If using these papers you must reference your source appropriately eg:

AUTHOR, (DATE) TITLE. The Inaugural Pacific Rim - First Year Experience Conference: Travelling through transition. Queensland University of Technology in conjunction with The University of South Carolina. Brisbane, 11-14 July 1995.


Authour Paper Title
Preparing and Supporting Students at Tertiary Level: Options In English Language Programmes: The AIT Experience
Instructional and Learning Systems for the first year foreign Asian Student
Overseas Students' Academic Support: A Perspective
HOW TO GET AN 'A': (Critical Analysis for Undergraduates - Unmasking the Process)
The Academic Interface from Traditional School Programmes to a Contemporary University Curriculum
Creating a More Supportive Culture for First Year University Science
High ideals and expectations shattered by an inability to traverse the transition to write in the academic génera: the Griffith experience.
Language And Literacy In A Tertiary Context: Writing Pedagogy In A Bridging Program
The Relevance of English Language Proficiency Scores to the Academic Success of International Students in a Regional University 1990 - 1993
Problem Based Learning: An Innovative Approach To Reduce The Traditionally Insular Student Study Environment
Voluntary Study Skills Seminars: Why They Miss The Target
Orientation Programs: What Monash Gippsland Business Students Think...Finally
Assisting First Year Students To Develop Effective Study Habits
The First Semester Experience: A Retrospective Account
Poster Presentation
From terrified, insecure and isolated to connected, confident student: How the University can facilitate this transition with undergraduate women distance education students.
Academic Counselling At The University of Strathclyde: Beginnings, Middles, Ends ?
The Masterkey Program: Meeting The Needs Of Students From Educationally Disadvantaged Backgrounds Entering First Year At Griffith University
The Transition from High School to University at the University of the South Pacific
Responding to Cultural Diversity within the University environment: New Pathways for Educational Support Services or How even a dyed in-the-wool personal counsellor can take on the hues of a community development worker within a campus setting.
Towards A Dynamic Cultural Model In Aboriginal Tertiary Education
International students - the impact of foundation year studies on performance in first year university accounting
The Integration Of The Principles Of Supplemental Instruction In Undergraduate Law Subjects
Gap or Gulf? Student perspectives on the Transition from School to University in Australia.
Student Learning Inconsistencies in the Pacific Rim
Where Does Peer Assisted Learning Belong?
International Students and the Australian Academic Library: Responding to Needs
Stereotypes and Strategies: Confucian Cultures Heritage Learning: Their Learning Styles and Support Needs
Meet, Greet, Meet again: A strategy for First Year
The Introduction of a Language Development Proram in the Medicl School at the University of Adelaide
The Provision Of Course And Subject Advice For Students With Disabilities: Possibilities For Improving Retention And Success At University
Transitions in Students' Learning Styles
The First-Year Experience: Lessons From the Past, Challenges for the Future
The Introduction of Problem Based Learning to Students through A Computer Based Education Module
"Orientation takes more than a day": A poster presentation of an orientation model used at The University of Western Australia.
Social Support, Dependency Needs And Adjustment To First Year University
Peer Mentoring and Management Students
Learning Communities and the Reconstruction of the First Year Experience
Anticipated and Actual Student Adjustment at an Australian University.

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