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First Year in Higher Education 2002 Conference
Changing Agendas "Te Ao Hurihuri"



Accepted Papers

Below is a list of papers from the 2002 FYHE Conference - Changing Agendas "Te Ao Hurihuri" held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand. Papers are grouped and listed in themes as listed below. Within each theme, each of the links take you to the abstract for the paper as an HTML document. From the HTML page you will be able to access the full paper as a Microsoft Word document - but only if you come to the Conference.

Papers have also been grouped and presented in eight parallel sessions. You can view the abstracts and full papers in this way by clicking here.

Only papers submitted electronically and with the consent of authours are listed on this site.

All papers are copyright to the authour and to the conference organisers. If using these papers you must reference your source appropriately eg:

AUTHOR, (DATE) TITLE. The Sixth Pacific Rim - First Year in Higher Education Conference: Changing Agendas "Te Ao Hurihuri". The University of Canterbury in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology. Christchurch, New Zealand. 8-10 July 2002.

Theme A - Program Management and Coordination
Professor Susan Bambrick

The Satellite/Remote Campus: A quality experience for Australian First Year students

Sally Kift

Assuring Quality in the Casualisation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Towards Best Practice for the First Year Experience
Andrew Nafalski, Mary Ayre and Özdemir Göl

Inclusive engineering curricula - design considerations
Theme B - Strategies and Innovations in Teaching and Learning
Louise Hagemeier

Teaching research competency at the Sociology Foundation level: some thoughts and practices
Kerri-Lee Krause

Connecting students to academic writing online
Jill Lawrence

The 'deficit-discourse' shift: university teachers and their role in helping first year students persevere and succeed in the new university culture.
Anne Matthew

Assessment of Generic Competencies in First Year Units: A Law Degree Case Study.
Di Paez and Maria Raciti

Bridging the gap: Speech recognition technology supporting first year students during transition to higher education.
Dr Debbie Plath

Engaging students' interest in tertiary learning: An experience based model of social work education.
Wendy Roberts and Kathleen Krsinich

Language and Literacy Learning Needs and Teaching Strategies on a Bridging Programme.
Paul Stewart

Introducing social theory to first year Sociology students phronetically
Margaret Zeegers and Pat Smith

Softening the rock and the hard place: first year education practicum and mentoring at the University of Ballarat.
Theme C - Student Populations and Diversity
Justin Debuse and Jeannie Ledington

First year higher education student metrics and management.

Henk Eijkman

Reframing the First Year Experience: The critical role of ‘recognition work' in achieving curricular justice.
Frances Quinn and Julie Godwin

Changes for Australian tertiary students: a broad description and case study of learning approaches and student satisfaction in science.
Sally Hunter and John Pickering

Establishing Performance Benchmarks for International Students.
Nerida Jarkey

Teacher or TV?: Contrasting Modes of Interaction in the Australian University Classroom
Sandra Jones and Piotr Sobiecki

Student-centred learning and international students.
Janet A Taylor and David Mander

Managing diversity in first year service mathematics course: integration of effective numeracy teaching principles and management theory.
Dr Elizabeth Tindle

Pathological Internet Use (PIU) in University Students: A new addiction.
Christabel Zhang, James Sillitoe and Janis Webb

Positive Model: facilitating cultural diversity in the first year international Business students' learning at Victoria University.

Theme D - Support Systems and Programs
Helen Bonanno

Standing the test of time: revisiting a first year diagnostic procedure.

Cathie Elder, Rosemary Erlam & Janet von Randow

Enhancing chances of academic success amongst First Year Undergraduates from diverse language backgrounds.
Caroline Mason-Rogers

"Strategies for Success in Transition Years"
"Ma te huruhuru te mana, ka rere mai"
A comprehensive portfolio of retention and success strategies at AUT: seven years on from the 1995 inaugural Pacific First Year Experience Conference.
Sue Franklin and Mary Peat

Pathways to becoming a professional Biologist: empowering first year students.
David Waters

Efficient and effective? Providing academic support for first-year students.

Theme E - Transition and Adjustment
Bridget Cameronand Phil Meade

Supporting the Transition to University of International Students: Issues and Challenges.

Judith Dickson, Kerri- Lee Krause and Sandie Rudman

Making the Transition to University - An Evaluation of Academic Orientation.
Alison Elliott

Factors affecting first year students' decisions to leave university.
Marie Emmitt, Vince Callaghan, Wendy Warren & Karen Postill

First Year: The Deakin Way.
Daniel McGill, Lynne Fowler, Maurice Allen and Judith Mackenzie

A Foundation Unit in Society and Technology for First Year Engineering Students.
Karen Baker, Frank Barrington, Dawn Gleeson, Michelle Livett and David McFadyen

Development of a Science Transition Program 2000 - 2002.
Anne Ditcher and Sally Hunter

'Pushes and Pulls':competing influences on students in their transition from secondary to tertiary education and beyond.
Hilary Hutchinson, Catherine McLoughlin and Mara Koplin

Satisfying French Language Students needs in a Climate of Rapid Change: The UNE Experience.
Tanya Kantanis

Same or different: Issues that affect mature age undergraduate students' transition to university.
Catherine Lang

How the transition needs of postgraduate coursework students differ from those of undergraduate students.
Stuart Levy and Julie Murray

Transition To Success: Analysis of Monash University's DoFS Program and Student Performance.
Margot Pearson, Pam Roberts, Clara O'Shea & Mandy Lupton

An inclusive approach to transition in a research-led university.
Sue Purnell

Calm and composed on the surface, but paddling like hell underneath: The Transition to University in New Zealand.
June Slee

Transition experiences of students who are the first in their immediate family to enrol in university.
Ngaringi Donna-Lee Walker and Tania Martin

First Year Experience of Maori Immersion Graduates Enrolled in Rumaki.
Glenice Watson, Greer Johnson, Stephen Billet

Ready or not? Results of an orientation week survey of education students.

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