STARS Supernova @ the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

By Ian Lightbody, Strategic Lead (STEM Support for Learning), QUT
6 July 2022

Higher education professionals attend conferences; they can build networks, share practice and come away energized and refreshed. However, what are the long-term benefits, and can the good ideas picked up at the conference be shared with colleagues and potentially developed and implemented? To magnify the conference benefits, the QUT Student Success Group trialled a professional development event in 2021 where STARS Conference participants shared their positive conference experiences and ideas with colleagues. The event was called the “STARS Supernova”.

Like an astronomical supernova, the notion is that there will be an explosion of ideas from the STARS Conference. Each participant was allocated 3 to 5 minutes to share ideas that they believe will be of value to others, followed by an opportunity to answer questions or discuss ideas further. The STARS Supernova has also helped participants to clarify what they learned at the conference as a reflective practice; enhancing the learning experience for them.

The 2021 STARS Supernova was well-received and has led to a similar post-conference event planned in 2022. The 2-hour session will enable 10 to 15 conference attendees to present and discuss conference ideas with probably 20 to 30 colleagues. We would encourage other universities to trial similar events. If you are interested in running something similar, and or would like more information on the QUT Supernova event, please feel free to contact Ian Lightbody (