The STARS Networks come together each year during the Conference.  They are dedicated communities of practice focused on continuing the community of practice/network activities previously established through the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching Networks. 

In 2023 there are new convenors for the always popular Student Partnership Network – Alison Jaquet, Director (Support for Learning) from UniSQ and Megan Pozzi, Manager, Support for Learning (Language and Learning, QUT.

The Wellbeing Network will be convened in 2023 by colleagues from AMHHEC whose focus is on strengthening mental health and wellness within higher education communities via education, research, and community engagement.

It has been wonderful to see a number of recent feature posts in the Campus Morning Mail related to the STARS Networks – huge thanks to Sally Kift for this editorial series on teaching and learning “Needed now in learning and teaching”:

Sarah Carr, convenor of the SERGE (Student Engagement Research Group) Network discusses the value of an integrated approach to research related to student engagement and transitions pedagogy.

Student engagement support: one size does not fit all

Jo Hoetzer, Faye Chong, Susanne Jones, Ash Dowling and Asha Tsimeris detailed the value of helping students make career decisions and their involvement in the Co-curricular Recognition Network

Helping students make career decisions 

Kathy Egea, Ella Kahu and Georgina Barratt-See detailed the value of staff wellbeing when supporting students and discussed the 2022 First Year Experience Network session’s focus on strategies for staff wellbeing

Six principles to avoid burnout

Lydia Woodyatt outlines concerns across the sector in relation to staff wellbeing in higher education and mentioned capacity building initiatives including the STARS Wellbeing Network.

How leaders can act on staff burnout

The STARS Network sessions for 2023 are still being finalised but will occur on the first day of the Conference (3rd July 2023). A discounted three network pass can be purchased as part of a full registration, or attendance at individual meetings can be purchased separately. All delegates are welcome to attend – as are those not attending the Conference

Network details: