Date: Monday 3 July 2023
Time: 9:30am – 11:00am AEST
Venue: Sofitel Brisbane

Believing and doubting: Exploring attitudes and intentions to student partnership

In this session we will share the variety of ways in which student partnership is being enacted across the STARS network: including in projects, governance and decision-making, learning and teaching, service and resource design, professional development and research.

We want to reflect upon the dynamic nature of partnership – its tensions and power dynamics, the many voices and the silences. As a community, we aim to surface creative solutions to our perennial problems and those that have emerged during the pandemic.

In doing this, we will hear from a variety of student voices and celebrate the diverse and dynamic partnership practices across the sector.


Dr Alison Jaquet
Director (Support for Learning)
University of Southern Queensland

Dr Alison Jaquet is Director (Support for Learning) at the University of Southern Queensland and has over 15 years of tertiary sector experience across academic and professional roles. She is a champion of student partnership and has experience in student engagement, widening participation, and staff development.

Megan Pozzi
Manager, Support for Learning (Language and Learning)
Queensland University of Technology

Megan Pozzi is Manager, Support for Learning (Language and Learning) at Queensland University of Technology. A former high school Drama and English teacher, she has 15 years’ experience working across the secondary and tertiary education sector. She is an award winning speaker, educator and researcher focussed on creating engaging, accessible and equitable learning experiences with and for students.

Kate Walsh
Senior Coordinator, Student Representation and Partnerships
Flinders University

Kate Walsh is the Senior Coordinator, Student Representation and Partnerships at Flinders University. She has extensive experience in student engagement nationally, including as the inaugural Project Manager for Student Voice Australia. Her focus is on harnessing the power of student partnership and representation to transform higher education and the student experience.