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Universities partner with Studiosity to help deliver ethical, scaled academic and peer services in order to reach student success targets. These longstanding partnerships are underpinned by Studiosity’s unique quality assurances, our Academic Advisory Board, DVC Group, QA teams, and Student Advisory Group.

In 2024, more universities are switching on a high-impact, scaled peer connection program; for authentic learning, and to grow integrity, community, confidence, employability, satisfaction, and graduate success in target cohorts.



Cenote specialises in maximising the value of data from existing systems in order to create a student 350 view on which we deploy highly sophisticated profiling technologies in order to identify students (prospects, applicants current students and alumni) who will benefit from personalised engagements generated by the system and distributed through a native omni-channel communications system. Adaptive micro-surveys, call/meeting scripts, smart forms etc are personalised, encouraging students to share their experiences. Student Pulse then provides appropriate guidance and links to support materials, and acts on feedback through automations and generative AI.

Results from its implementation in providers since early 2020 have demonstrated its ability to improve conversion rates, reduce attrition rates, increase completion rates and streamline all areas of data handling and administration have been very impressive regardless of the size or complexity of the organisations involved. We have already integrated with most of the main SMS, LMS, CRM and other systems used across the region using a rapid deployment approach taking only 10-12 weeks. Student Pulse can start small and then incrementally extend its reach across any areas of student engagement and support supported by our proven and pragmatic approach based on over 35 years of working in education technology.


Symplicity is a global student experience company that provides smart platforms to more than 2,000 colleges and universities for managing all aspects of student life, including career services, student success, student conduct & wellbeing, and accessibility. Our student success and engagement solutions include student orientation programs, skills development, global mobility, and student engagement software solutions to improve student retention and graduate outcomes. To learn more, visit www.symplicity.com


Vygo is a Student Support Ecosystem Platform utilised by universities across Australia, Europe, and North America, including many STARS Members. Student support leaders use Vygo to empower and scale their student support operations. With Vygo, universities can achieve a whole-of-institution approach to proactive and personalised support at scale. Vygo has been very active in supporting Australian universities as they prepare for the emerging government student support requirements, including the Support for Students Policy and National Student Ombudsman.