The FYE (First Year Experience) Network is a learning community designed for academics and professional staff involved in FYE initiatives where the focus is on the transition, achievement, retention and success of commencing students into undergraduate programs.

FYE has always been important in ensuring student success. Given that Higher Education providers are required to implement the Higher Education Standards Framework (see by January 1st 2017, FYE has now become essential in demonstrating how we support students’ transition. We can use this NETWORK to share how we provide evidence to address this framework, in particular section 1.3 on Orientation and Progression.

Questions to get the Network discussion started:

  • Engagement – How do we engage both academics and professional staff in providing a consistent and connected experience for students new to university?
  • Effecting and leading change – How do we influence and effect institutional practice change for FYE? How do we align the work in FYE to the university strategic teaching and learning plans?
  • Evaluation and use of DATA – How do we assess the needs and preparedness of commencing students, monitor their success, and evaluate whether our first year practices are working?
  • Sustainability through ongoing funding – What practices/arguments have been used to sustain successful practices beyond HEPPP funding into university-funded practices?


We invite you to join the Network online to share and discuss these ideas further.

The online Network discussions will enable us to see what other institutions are doing and learn from each other. By sharing our practices on what’s working and what is changing, and how we evaluate the success of FYE practices in FYE, we can help each other to improve our practices and better support the success of our students.

If you are interested, please email Kathy at I work at University of Technology Sydney.